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Monday, May 16, 2016

End of the Year Fun!

Oh boy do I have some fun end of the year activities to share with you.

First, an iPad/coloring/writing activity for the books. This one is going to be a HUGE hit, for all elementary ages.

I discovered this really cool iPad/iPhone app called Quiver that turns a 2D coloring page into a 3D masterpiece. It is so cool, my kids are going to FLIP.

There are dozens of free coloring pages you can download, but I chose two that I could turn into a school-ish activity. Totally school-ish, so your principal will totally approve.

1. Post your objective. (See, I told you it's principal friendly.)

***I can write about a trip I will take using future tense.**

2. Give students writing prompt and have them write about a trip they will take this summer OR a trip they hope to take one day. Freebie link here! ------>

3. Pass out Quiver coloring page - Go to and download the airplane page. I also printed the Enjoy Summer page since it fits well with the summer travel theme.

4. Color.

5. Open up the Quiver app (download it in advance, duh).

6. Watch your picture come to life! It not only pops off the page in 3D, there are sound and movement effects too! So make sure the sound is turned on!

The airplane pulls the flag with your destination, the propeller spins, smoke trails behind, and you hear the engines roaring!

There is no way your kids won't like this. It is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Since I have 29 students and only 6 iPads, I decided to give an extra coloring page for students to work on as they take turns with the iPads. There are dozens of free options on the website.

Another thing I like to do in the days leading up to the last day of school, is have my students reflect on what they have learned over the year, and begin goal setting for the next year! These little fold and cut booklets (below) are so easy to make, and the kids love them. Especially on colored paper. So fancy! And free!

If you are underwhelmed with your current Memory Book options, like I was last year when I opened up my 10 year old memory book file (old lady alert)... I've got you covered.

Finally, my favorite Last Day of School activity. In my classroom we begin our last day the same way we started our first.

Students walk in and find their personalized name coloring page in the circle, and sit down for our last morning meeting together.

At the end of morning meeting, they spread out around the room and enjoy some quality time with their community, coloring and chatting.

Then, each student glues their coloring page to a big piece of construction paper. Everyone walks around with a pen (omg, a pen?!) and writes nice messages to each other on the posters. It is a lovely feeling of community, the room gets very quiet and the kids take this job very seriously, thinking of just the right thing to write to each person.

The final products (example above) are so adorable. Last year my kids loved them so much, I laminated them on my lunch break. =)

These are available for K-2,

I hope you have found something you and your students will enjoy in your last days together!


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