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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Teal - An adorable book about the beauty of inclusion.

Let's be real. Any time the mailman delivers a package, it's exciting. And when you have an Amazon addiction like I do, you get a lot of mail excitement. BUT... the day he brought me Teal was way more exciting than the day he brought me a new box of batteries.

Teal is a sweet sweet story with beautiful illustrations by the amazingly talented Renee Galvin. In this story, Teal is a crayon who doesn't quite fit in. He's not green, he's not blue. He is different. He feels left out and is not sure what his purpose is, until one day when he finds a way to bring all the different colors together. The reader discovers that differences are what makes our world more beautiful.

This story is especially meaningful to me, as I teach in a full inclusion school. Children with a wide variety of different abilities, who might be isolated in a self-contained classroom at other schools, are fully included in general education at ours. We have an amazing staff of people who are dedicated to ensuring that ALL of our students succeed, and the beauty of inclusion is apparent around every corner in our school.

Teal is going to be such a special addition to our library, as it embodies everything we believe in; We are all human, and our differences make the world beautiful.

Renee has had such success with this little gem of a book, that she is currently sold out on If you don't want to wait until they are restocked, just message her on her FB page,, and she will pre-order a copy for you. =)