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Monday, February 20, 2017

Read Across America / Dr. Seuss' Birthday Fun!

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I am so lucky to have my son at my school. I love being able to see him at school every day. I also love getting to share our fun events with him, like celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday for Read Across America Day!

At my school, we dress up as Dr. Seuss characters and celebrate our love for reading all day long.

Last year my son and I loved our costumes so much that we are wearing them again this year!

Behold- The Lorax and his Truffula Tree!

It was so easy to make these costumes.

For my son's Lorax costume, I bought orange footed pajamas. They aren't available anymore, but an orange hoodie and sweatpants will give the same Lorax-y effect!

For the facial hair, I bought party favor glasses from Target, then hand drew and cut out the mustache and eyebrows from craft foam and hot-glued them on! Boom! Lorax!

These glasses are similar to what I bought, only mine didn't have lenses. And bonus- the extras went into my prize box!

For my Truffula Tree costume, I started with a black plastic headband and some pink tulle. I cut the tulle into strips and tied them around the headband one at a time until I got the fluffy Truffula Tree look I was going for.

Next, I got a white tshirt and white sweatpants, and some good ole trusty duct tape! With a black sharpie, I unrolled and colored the edges of the white duct tape black and stuck down a small section at a time on the shirt, but without cutting it until I reached the end. Then I did the same thing for the pants. After that, I went back and colored in the zig-zags on the tree trunk. Done! Super easy costume, but one that had a big effect!

Warning! The sharpie will rub off a little when you touch it, so make sure the t-shirt and sweatpants aren't your favorites just in case some rubs onto them!

We can't wait for March 2nd!