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Thursday, October 1, 2015


My first graders and I have been discussing kindness, and we love this video. It had the room completely silent as my lovely students contemplated the power of kindness.

After the video, I asked them what kindness meant to them. I just love their answers.

"Kindness is like, if you have 10 popsicles, and your friend doesn't have any, you give them 2 or 3."

"If there's a friend who's hurt, you should help him up. That's being a kind friend."

"Kindness is like, if somebody didn't have that good of a snack, if my mom and dad let me give them a snack, I could give them one of my apples, then they would be able to eat a healthy snack."

"Kindness means not to ignore people."

"If someone doesn't have anyone to play on the playground with, then I would play with them."

"Kindness is caring and not just worrying about yourself."

"Kindness to me is, when I feel sad and lonely and a friend comes over to play with me. That's kindness."

We also made a class book called The ABC's of Kindness, which you can grab for free here!