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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happiness Challenge

Our principal showed us a TED Talk video a couple months ago called The Happy Secret to Better Work. My biggest personal takeaway from this video is that my high levels of stress are sucking away my happiness, and that a more positive and happy frame of mind is going to be essential to eliminating that stress and allowing me to be the best me I can be.

I know I need more happiness; in all areas of my life. The stress has taken over, and it's time to let it go. My marriage, my children, my friendships, my job, my health... they have all suffered because of the toxicity of stress.

With the new year upon us, I am ready to take on a challenge. So, starting February 1st, for 21 days I am going to follow these 5 steps to train the brain to become more positive, which Shawn Achor describes in the video above.

1) Three new gratitudes every day. I remember way back when Oprah introduced us all to the gratitude journal. I think I'm finally ready to try it, Oprah. Three new things I'm grateful for every morning, for 21 days.

2) Exercise. I have two young children, ages 2 and 4, so it is not easy for me to find a time to get away for exercise. We are a pretty active family, but I have been feeling the itch to get back into a regular exercise routine. I am going to start with yoga, once a week. On the other 6 days I am going to incorporate something I can do at home; stretching, living room exercises, taking walks with my kids, etc.

3) Meditation. I have never meditated in my life, so I have been googling and youtubing, and I think I have found a simple routine that I can start with here.

4) Journaling daily about one positive thing that happened in the past 24 hours. Giving the brain a chance to re-live a happy moment; so obvious, but I never take the time to pause and do something like this. Now is the time.

5) Random acts of kindness. One positive email or note a day to a student, parent, or colleague. In first grade terms; filling other people's buckets fills yours up too.

I've created a printable journal that I am going to throw in a binder to help keep me on track. Download one for yourself for free here-

Even typing this out lifts me up a little, so I have high hopes that this plan will be good for my soul. Who is with me? 21 days to a happier you. Let's hold hands and jump in together! Comment below if you are joining my Happiness Tribe! We can do this!


  1. I'm in!!! Ready for my frown to be upside down!!

  2. Replies
    1. Power in numbers, thank you for coming along for the ride!

  3. Hear, hear! I've been taking some of these steps as well lately.

    Tammy @ Teaching FSL

    1. Restarting my yoga practice has been huge already, I can't wait to add the other tasks in.

  4. Yes please! I need to press the reset button too.

    1. We are going to be little balls of sunshine at the end of this! Let's go spread our love and light for a celebratory night on the town when it's done!

  5. Yes, yes and yes!! (See I am already getting more positive!) Let's do this : ) Thanks for the freebie and inspiration!