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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Magic Play Dough

If you have never done Magic Play Dough with your students, you are missing out. This was the number one moment of our first week of school.

You make magic play dough by putting food coloring inside a ball of play dough, then closing up the hole so that it looks like regular play dough. I bought a 3 pound tub of white play dough from Amazon and it was just enough for my 29 students, and I even have a few left over. I used about 3-4 drops of gel food coloring per play dough ball.

I started off the activity by telling my students I bought some magic play dough, but I wasn't sure if it was really going to work or not. 

I really played up the fact that I wanted to try it because I heard that sometimes it will turn colors and then you can make a wish, but I have never tried it so I don't know if ours will or not... I told them if it does, great! If it doesn't, that's okay, we would still have fun playing with our regular play dough. 

Then I explained that the instructions said to keep it in the bag for two minutes because otherwise the magic will not work, something to do with air getting in the bag. 

The kids totally bought my act, and then were completely amazed when it worked! I'm talking over-the-moon excited, making wishes, glued to their changing dough. And after two minutes or so, I told them it was okay to take it out of the bags because the magic had already happened.

It was so fun, such a special moment to share with my new little firsties. =)

The next day though, I picked my kids up from recess and one of my boys was crying. I asked what was wrong and he told me, "I don't want my wish to come true! I don't want to turn into a robot!" I just about died laughing, on the inside of course. I assured him that the robot wish was just his pretend wish, and he could still make a different real wish. Haha! I checked in with him a few more times after that, and he doesn't seem to be scarred for life, so I think we are okay.

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